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Spring 2020

Autumn 2019



Elisa, or, the Night of Dreams

Rafik Schami, Gerda Raidt

Usually Santa Claus observes all people with his telescope throughout the entire year to collect their wishes. He scans the world from the southernmost tip of South Africa to the smallest hut in Greenland. He especially wants to benefit the ...


The Cardinal’s Secret Mission

Rafik Schami

In Syria, war has not yet broken out. In 2010, a barrel of olive oil is delivered to the Italian embassy in Damascus – with the corpse of a cardinal inside. Commissioner Barudi wants to solve the crime before he retires; Mancini, a colleague ...


The Great Rafik Schami-Book

Rafik Schami

Love is unpredictable and the results can be curious, so it is not surprising that a lonesome pig and an old chicken find each other. But before finding each other you have to look for each other; which is tricky sometimes because what you’re ...


Sophia, or the Beginning of All Stories

Rafik Schami

Rafik Schami’s latest masterpiece tells of the power of love. A love that instils courage and fortitude, a love that rejuvenates – and can even save lives.

As a young girl Sophia falls deeply in love with Karim, but instead of ...


Master Marios Story

Rafik Schami, Anja-Maria Eisen

The audience loves it when a lazy, good-for-nothing duke becomes a diligent, hard-working farmer and the Prince, instead of marrying the princess, weds a clever girl from down-to-earth country stock. But the puppets are bored stiff with playing ...


The Doll's Heart

Rafik Schami

»I want to change the sign on my bedroom door«, said Nina. »I want it to say
»Who is Widu?« her mother asked, surprised.
»That’s the name of my doll«, Nina answered impatiently, ...


The Woman who Sold her Husband in the Flea market

Rafik Schami

Rafik Schami at the top of his game: in this highly intimate book, we become his close companions as he takes us on an adventurous journey through stories and fairytales describing how he came to be one of the most popular raconteurs in the ...


This is Not a Parrot!

Rafik Schami, Wolf Erlbruch

"Wolf Erlbruch’s illustrations add something special to Rafik Schami’s entertaining and touching story." Harald Kiesel, Süddeutsche Zeitung

It all begins when Mum and Dad can’t agree on what pet to buy. Dad doesn’t want a cat ...



Marie Fadel

Colourful tabbouleh made of parsley, tomatoes and bulgur, falafel on hummus, chicken breast with garlic and coriander, and, for dessert, »nightingales’ nests« with rice noodles, pistachio and treacle, accompanied by Arabian coffee with ...


The Calligrapher's Secret

Rafik Schami

In the narrow alleyways of the Old Town of Damascus, there is a rumour circulating – Nura, beautiful wife of famous calligrapher Harrid Farsi, is reported to have run away. Why would she leave behind a life that was the envy of so many? Or has ...


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