Woe Betide Anyone who
Steps out of Line

Woe Betide Anyone who Steps out of Line

Ludwig Harig

Following his father’s biography Ordnung ist das ganze Leben, Ludwig Harig gave us Weh dem, der aus der Reihe tanzt in 1990 – the account of his own life as a boy and young man growing up in the Third Reich. It is the story of a small-scale German tragedy that inevitably merges with the greater German cataclysm. After a sheltered childhood growing up in the vicinity of the French border, the young schoolboy was forced to fight against his
neighbour and »arch enemy« France – the country he would later call home as a student. – A moving testimony to the power of seduction and the impotence of reason – to the bitter end.
The text is complemented by thematically relevant excerpts from Harig’s later autobiographical records Und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind, as well as a detailed indexed commentary that helps to make the text accessible in both historical and biographical terms.

Woe Betide Anyone who Steps out of Line

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