Where is Little Charly

Where is Little Charly

Rotraut Susanne Berner

Every summer Little Charly spends the summer holidays with his Grandma Nickel who lives in the country, right next to his cousin Cathy's house. Charly likes to play with Cathy but sometimes he also helps Grandma Nickel. When she bakes her delicious carrot cake, for example. Charly fetches her the carrots from the garden. Unless something else grabs his attention. Then he suddenly vanishes from the face of the earth, and Grandma has to go and look for him.

"With humour and grace, Rotraut Susanne Berner enacts a rope-dance between reality and fantasy, as effortlessly as children do." (Die Zeit)

Foreign Sales

France (Joie de Lire); Italy (Feltrinelli); Sweden (Alfabeta), South Korea (BIR), Spanien (Anaya), Katalanisch (Barcanova), Galizisch (Xerais), Russia (Melek-Pashaev), Croatia (Planet Zoe); China (Yuanliu), Hungary (Pagony), Bulgaria (Prozoretz)

Where is Little Charly



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