Where Is Granny?

Where Is Granny?

Peter Schössow

Henry’s visit to his granny at the hospital turns into a little odyssey – but it’s fun, because there is so much to discover!

Actually, Henry only wants to visit his grandmother, with Gülsa, who watches him sometimes. But Gülsa has to make a quick call - that can take a while. In the meantime, Henry is going ahead on his own. After all, he knows his granny. But the hospital is hu-mongous! People are everywhere. The normal ones must be visitors. The people in green, blue, and white coats must be working there. And the ones in plaster or with eyepatches, those are the patients. One is even wrapped like a mummy, he probably ran in front of a bus. Inm their rooms, the patients are in their beds, but you can’t go in everywhere. How is Henry supposed to find his granny like this? Is there anybody who can help him? Of course there is: the janitor. Henry meets him in the basement after he got hopelessly lost. Luckily.

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Where Is Granny?


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