What We Talk About When It Thunders

What We Talk About When It Thunders

Thilo Krause

“Thilo Krause lifts things out of everyday life — and makes them shine.”
Raoul Schrott

“Autumn. / In the streets / the moon-starved meet / We recognise each other / by how we look ...” Thilo Krause explores the things and words of everyday life. By touching on apparently simple states, unexpected spaces unfold, drawing the reader’s attention beyond what they appear to be at first glance. His poems are perceptions and concentrations, meditations on activities, such as cooking, walking or travelling. For all their simplicity, the sound, rhythm and imagery of these observations turns them into poetry: “Outside lightning. / Inside, the summer lingers lazily. / Cans, bottles, rubbish smoulder in the fern.” Thilo Krause’s outstanding voice is a discovery for German literature.

What We Talk About When It Thunders


Thilo Krause: "Was wir reden, wenn es gewittert"

Stadtmuseum Schlössle Weingarten

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