What Does It Really Mean to Be Healthy?
Klaus Michael Meyer-Abich

What Does It Really Mean to Be Healthy?

Details about the book
A Philosophy of Medicine
  • date of publication: 26.07.2010
  • 640 Pages
  • Hanser Verlag
  • Paperback
  • ISBN 978-3-446-24396-5
  • Deutschland: 34,90 €
  • Österreich: 35,90 €

A health system worth its name would prevent illness, not treat it
Our health care system is in actual fact a sickness system. This book calls for a return to humane, affordable medical treatment.
Although modern medicine can perform miracles, it is at a loss when it comes to many common complaints. If we want to resolve this contradiction, we need to come up with more than just superficial criticism. From his unique perspective as both a scientist and a philosopher, Klaus Michae l Meyer-Abich subjects the shortcomings of orthodox medicine to rigorous investigation. He begins with Descartes, whose differentiation between body and soul paved the way for seeing the former as a machine that can be repaired. But physical symptoms are frequently signals that can alert us to deficiencies in the patient’s social and emotional relationships. Therefore medicine should also be able to deal with problems that aren’t covered by quantifiable evidence. What’s required is a redefinition of the professional ethos, which puts the focus on health rather than illness. Consequently, Meyer-Abich’s philosophy of medicine is addressed not only at doctors, but everyone working towards a humane and affordable health care system.


What Does It Really Mean to Be Healthy?

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