Milena Moser


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Details zum Buch
  • date of publication: 08.02.2010
  • 464 Pages
  • Nagel & Kimche
  • hardcover
  • ISBN 978-3-312-00452-2
  • Deutschland: 19,90 €
  • Österreich: 20,50 €

For a long time, successful writer Mimosa Mein has turned her back on the media circus. However, through her novels she has gained a reputation as a rampant man-eater with a lavish lifestyle. She is taken by complete surprise when she's asked to be a judge on the TV show "Switzerland's Next Writing Star" – the programme editor is convinced that, as a scandal-ridden has-been, surely the candidates' strengths and weaknesses will be all-too familiar to her. As Mimosa gets to know the aspiring writing stars, she becomes more and more fascinated by their different motives and life stories. One competitor writes as a form of therapy, another hopes to escape the drudgery of her housewife existence with the dream of a bestseller – and the writings of a third contestant are strangely reminiscent of a man who disappeared under the most mysterious circumstances many years ago.

"Cheeky and whimsical – Milena Moser's novels are cult." (Freundin magazine)



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