Wake up!

Wake up!

Peter Spork

Whether we look at daylight saving time (DST), shift work, or school beginning at 8 o'clock; we routinely disrupt our inner clock and in doing so we ruin our health. The neurobiologist Peter Spork has transferred the findings of science into our daily lives. For this he devised an 8-point plan of how we can live in harmony with the rhythm of nature.

We should not only abolish DST, we also need more light at the workplace, and presenteeism in the office must give way to a consideration of different chronotypes. "Wake up!" is an energetic plea for the common journey into a well-rested society with less burnout and depression, less lack of sleep and irritability, and less obesity and diabetes.

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Wake up!




Wake up! Aufbruch in eine ausgeschlafene Gesellschaft. Lesung und Vortrag in der Werft 11 Cologne | Zur Veranstaltungs-Website

Anna-Schneider-Steig 11,
50678 Köln

Das Rätsel Schlaf. Warum wir schlafen. Im Rahmen der "Schlafoffensive" | Zur Veranstaltungs-Website

Bettenhaus Schmitt,
Teltower Damm 28,
14169 Berlin-Zehlendorf

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