Until I was 21

Until I was 21

Ela Angerer

She grew up with parvenus and psychedelic drugs in the world of the nouveau riche; now she only ever really feels at home when she’s overstepping all the limits. A breathtaking debut novel.

A mother who prefers to play bridge with Omar Sharif on the other side of the world; a father who considers his daughter so ugly he refuses to be seen in public with her. These are the circumstances the narrator grows up in – and things go from bad to worse when her mother leaves her father for a French multi-millionaire. Her parents are absent most of the time and the staff are completely out of their depth.

At thirteen, the girl begins an affair with a young nurse and takes all the drugs she can lay her hands on. Even her parents can’t fail to notice; they shut their daughter away in a boarding school where she discovers that there really is such a thing as true evil.

Ela Angerer’s autobiographical novel is a frank, unsparing and immensely forceful account of all the monstrous atrocities that can be perpetrated on a child.

»An electrifying, disturbing debut which confronts us with questions we cannot shirk.« Thomas Glavinic

Until I was 21

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