To be Continued Tomorrow

To be Continued Tomorrow

Tilman Rammstedt

Early 1972: the narrator’s whole life lies before him. He sees everything that lies in front of him and is looking forward to it. But there is one snag: he hasn’t been born yet. To be precise, he hasn’t even been conceived and his future parents know nothing of each other: both of them have quite different concerns for the time being. His mother is about to fall in love with a melancholic Frenchman while his father has just been thrown into the Main with his feet encased in concrete. How the narrator manages to lead the couple into through heartbreakingly funny and breathlessly sad adventures each other’s arms, is a great firework display of tale-spinning.

To be Continued Tomorrow


SZ-Stand. Moderation: Johan Schloemann

Frankfurter Buchmesse,
Halle 3.0, C 119 Frankfurt

open books. Lesung und Gespräch

Steinernes Haus am Römerberg, Frankfurter Kunstverein, 2. OG rechts,
Markt 44,
60311 Frankfurt

Tilman Rammstedt: "Morgen mehr". Mit Teresa Präauer und Katja Lange-Müller. Moderation: Rainer Moritz

DRIVE Volkswagen Group Forum Berlin-Mitte,
Friedrichstraße 84,
10117 Berlin

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