The Witches’ Glade and the Murderer’s Stone

The Witches’ Glade and the Murderer’s Stone

Wilfried Meichtry

Monster hunters, highwayman, secret lovers, and renegades – Pfyn Forest in the Rhône Valley has always possessed a magic allure for adventurers and fortune-seekers. Wilfried Meichtry traces their footsteps, telling their stories and portraying a magnificent landscape. This is a homage to an enchanted place and a moving childhood memoire wrapped in one.

Wilfried Meichtry grew up close to Pfyn Forest, Europe’s largest pine forest. When he was a little boy, his grandmother Maya kept him spellbound with tales about this dark and sinister wood. As an adult, Meichtry became a historian, and decided to research these legends. They feature an Italian who finds an ancient treasure, the great robber Lisür and his evil deeds, the heroic battle of the Valaisians against Napoleon’s army, and the hunt for a wild beast that kept all of Switzerland in suspense for many months, as well as Corinna Bille and Maurice Chappaz, who lived in the wilderness of Pfyn Forest for years. At the end, the author tells another story – an amusing anecdote about how his grandmother Maya entertained a curious butterfly hunter in her garden: it was none other than Vladimir Nabokov, who visited Pfyn Forest in 1963. Meichtry paints a panorama of this amazing forest, a place
where the reader can’t help but lose themselves.

"Wilfried Meichtry draws on an unparalleled wealth of knowledge. He lets us get really up close to his characters, but without ever betraying them." NZZ am Sonntag

The Witches’ Glade and the Murderer’s Stone


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