The Witch Wood and Magic Socks

The Witch Wood and Magic Socks

Jutta Richter

Karla the witch seems to have the perfect life: she is young and beautiful, she has a lovely little crooked house in the woods, and a bubbling cauldron for cooking up her witch’s brew. If only she weren’t so lonely!

Robert the coalman is lonely too – no girl will have him because of his constantly coalblackened fingernails. Karla wouldn’t mind his black nails, she’s not like that – but how on earth are a witch and a coalman ever supposed to get together?

With the help of magic socks, of course! Some witches knit them, give them to someone as a gift, and wait to see if they end up on the feet of their dream man. Because if he pulls them on, they’ll pull him irresistibly into the Witch Wood. And that’s exactly what happens to Robert.

Foreign Sales

Spain (Loguez), Italy (Salani)

The Witch Wood and Magic Socks

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