The Red Swimming Pool

The Red Swimming Pool

Natalie Buchholz

Adam used to have the perfect home. Quiche Lorraine, games of rummy and parents who truly loved each other. Until, one day, their love seemed to vanish into thin air. And Adam is suddenly alone in life. There’s nothing else for it: he has to grow up.

Adam’s mother is beautiful and is admired by everyone, while his father has a zest for life and is successful: the couple married young but are still as in love as when they first met. Nothing can ever separate them — at least that’s what their son Adam thinks, who is no longer a child but not a grown man yet either. Until it goes and happens after all: his father disappears without a word of explanation. His mother won’t tell him what’s going on. And Adam, who feels as if the world collapsing around him, does something he perhaps should not have done.

Adroitly and with great warmth, Natalie Buchholz tells the story of a perfect family that self-destructs. She recounts the breakdown of a great love and the beginning of a new one.
Because, as Adam slowly understands that nothing in life is perfect, the summer arrives, bringing with it a girl who finally helps him let go of the past and make his own way.

The Red Swimming Pool


Natalie Bucholz: "Der rote Swimmingpool" beim Debütantenball | Zur Veranstaltungs-Website

Uslar & Rai Buchhandlung,
Schönhauser Allee 43,
10435 Berlin

Natalie Buchholz: "Der rote Swimmingpool" | Zur Veranstaltungs-Website

Schöne Aussicht 2,
60311 Frankfurt

Natalie Buchholz: "Der rote Swimmingpool" | Zur Veranstaltungs-Website

Kultursalon "Die Flaneure",
Knesebeckstr. 89,
10623 Berlin

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