The Quake

The Quake

Martin Mosebach

The lift goes straight up to the seventh floor. As the door slides open, our narrator finds himself in an architect's bright, modern flat. The architect's daughter, Manon, makes even more of an impression on him than this famous man, whom he'll now be working for. She is the classic example of a seductive and faithless woman. Martin Mosebach tells this great love story as the story of an escape. Our protagonist is forced to recognize that his lover is continuing her relationship with a famous painter, so he accepts a contract that promises to take him as far away as possible from Manon. He goes to India, to convert a king's palace into a modern hotel. The exposure to this fantastic world, and an ancient but now rather unreal kingdom, helps to divert the unhappy traveller's thoughts. But Manon herself follows him to his distant palace and their story begins again. THE QUAKE, with its strong, original images, tells of an enchanting reality, which completely contradicts all the hardened European's expectations.

Martin Mosebach's new novel moves deftly between misfortune and its comic effects. It also introduces a completely unexpected figure into modern German literature: the king. In so doing, he confirms his reputation as the contemporary author least in thrall to the trends of the day.

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The Quake

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