The Mathematics of Our Being

The Mathematics of Our Being

Rudolf Taschner

Life is a game when we follow mathematical rules. Our decisions can be calculated. The largest benefit for all participants involved can be measured. Game theory came to prominence in economics, politics and culture in the 20th Century. The developers of games used to be players in the Cold War. Without knowing it they laid the foundation for the triumph of the homo economicus. In the beginning, game theory was anything but a tool of the neo-liberal robber-knight. Instead, the developers strove to understand our existence in mathematical terms. Bestselling author Rudolf Taschner tells the tale of game theory. He walks us from the 17th Century, the time of Blaise Pascal, who invented the theory of probability, to Ludwig Wittgenstein, who thought the world to be a play of words, and finally to the present time of the global financial markets. This is a book of mathematics as a quest for meaning, and it is written like a suspense novel.

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The Mathematics of Our Being


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