The Hyenas' Refuge
Friedrich Ani

The Hyenas' Refuge

Details about the book
  • date of publication: 26.08.2006
  • 352 Pages
  • Zsolnay
  • hardcover
  • ISBN 978-3-552-05391-5
  • Deutschland: UVP 19,90 €
  • Österreich: 20,50 €

As a monk, Polonius Fischer found no answers to his questions. Now Polonius is a detective superintendent and he still asks himself: What is the source of good and evil in every human being?

An underground car park, a basement, an old wardrobe. The body of a woman, naked under a plastic sheet. Until the forensic experts came, she was wearing a green summer dress and was lying, curled up, in the wardrobe. But she was dead already then. It does not take long to identify the woman but where is her little daughter? And who has killed the woman? For Detective Superintendent Polonius Fischer there is no such thing as routine. He is a man with a mission – to decode the mysteries of evil. It is a mission that obsessed him even when he was still wearing a monk's habit.

Friedrich Ani's novel superimposes the search for the motives of a crime upon the quest for the darkest impulses of human behaviour. Is it conceivable that anyone would murder to rescue the victim's child? Is the woman's death related to that of another woman found in a lake? And who is the man in the seedy hotel who appears to have known them both? Suddenly all knots seem to untangle, the suspect is arrested, and the case solved in no time. But Polonius Fischer puts no faith in simple solutions. Perhaps he is able to understand evil better than his colleagues – because he knows that it is not merely a police problem.

"I consider Friedrich Ani one of the best, if not the best German crime writer." (Tobias Gohlis, Die Zeit)

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The Hyenas' Refuge

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