The Forgotten Party

The Forgotten Party

Lisa Kreißler

Three friends meet again: they laugh and cry about what they have become. A perfect wedding leads to a moment of truth. And strange things happen in the forest. The Forgotten Party is a novel about life’s dreams and the insanity that reality can cause, which in turn leads to a world that enchants them all over again. Nina, Arif and Ronda have been friends since college. Back in the day, they believed in “love with a capital L”, and that their lives would simply unfold like in a story. Fifteen years later, Arif is divorced, Ronda is a single mother to her young son and Nina, the bride dressed in white in a clearing in the forest, says no to her groom in front of all the guests. Together, the friends leave the party and go into the forest where they meet people from a parallel reality who let them participate in a strange ritual. When night falls, Nina suddenly disappears.

Sometimes we experience the world as meaningful, but only moments later everything can seem banal and cold. The everyday and the magical, the bright and the dark are adjacent to each other, and it is very easy to slip from one to the other. Lisa Kreißler narrates non-judgementally and is at the same time aware of life’s ultimate realities.

The Forgotten Party


"Die Küche": Ein Leseabend mit Yuriy Nesterko, Lorenz Just und Lisa Kreißler

Lisa Kreißler,
Hauptstr. 65,
31867 Pohle

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