The Dodo Egg

The Dodo Egg

Peter Schössow

The story of Captain Lüttich and his crew. Their pockets are empty but their hearts are in the right place.
Captain Lüttich and his merry men are in quite a fix. They have no money to get their old cutter seaworthy again. But then they find a strange egg from which an equally strange bird hatches: a dodo – said to have been extinct for more than 300 years. Recently scientists had discovered a dodo egg on the island of Mauritius. Unfortunately, it went overboard on the return journey. That's why they're offering a finder's reward: 5,000 deutschmarks. Exactly what they need for the old tub! But what's going to happen to the poor bird? Condemned to a zoo life behind bars? We can't have that, decides Captain Lüttich. And with a newly repaired boat, it doesn't take so long to reach the South Seas…

Foreign Sales

Spain (Castillian / Catalan:Juventud), Iceland (Verold), Denmark (Turbine)

The Dodo Egg


Gehört das so??! - Ausstellung zu Peter Schössows 65. Geburtstag

Bilderbuchmuseum Troisdorf,
Burgallee 1,
53840 Troisdorf

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