The Devouring World

The Devouring World

Wolfgang Schivelbusch

Mankind’s earliest stories centre on such transformations as elemental principles of nature. In more recent times they formed the basis of essential theories in the field of political economics. Wolfgang Schivelbusch traces the symbiosis between man and object throughout the history of philosophy and science. He collates insights that are as surprising as they are crucial about the fundamentals of society as we know it, affirming his position as one of the most original historians of our time – inventive, inspired and unique.

The shoe has been round the block a few times – as has the foot that’s wearing it. The shoe is scuffed and the
sole has worn thin. But in return, the shoe has damaged the foot with blisters and corns. Wolfgang Schivelbusch’s
new book is about the reciprocal interaction between people and things, which can be seen as a continuum; an endless cycle of conception, consumption, wear and tear, damage and ultimately destruction.

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The Devouring World

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