The Country Road

The Country Road

Regina Ullmann

Regina Ullmann counts among the most important Swiss writers. Rilke admired her and did much to support the unconventional young authoress. Her prose work, solicitously observing the "lesser phenomena" with a fine instinct for impending catastrophe and strong, sensual images, has often been compared to Robert Walser.

Hermann Hesse called her "a pure and noble poetic talent". Thomas Mann experienced "the sound of her singing voice as something holy". She was a writer's writer and has remained so to date: Regina Ullmann from St Gallen. Her stories draw harrowing portraits of the powerless and simple-minded, of desire and violence. Ullmann was fascinated by what happens at the margins, by things forgotten and abandoned – perhaps a consequence of her own dramatically difficult life, ruled by a dominant mother and a famously unreliable part-time lover, the anarchistic psychiatrist Otto Gross. Her short stories are true literature and can be rediscovered in this volume, a faithful copy of the original edition.

Foreign Sales

France (Circé), Netherlands (Lebowski), USA (New Directions)

The Country Road

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