The camel drover from Heidelberg

The camel drover from Heidelberg

Rafik Schami

Bobo, the elephant who hates arguments, loves Susu, the mouse who tells such exciting stories. Albin, the white pig mocked by his pink comrades, rescues Lila, the chicken who can no longer lay eggs. And Adel, who will be a doctor one day – if he ever stops daydreaming –rescues the sad camel in the Heidelberg zoo and takes her to the desert where she belongs.

In Rafik Schami's stories, love and friendship triumph over all obstacles. And wit and cunning, fortified by imagination, always defeat brute strength.

Foreign Sales

Italy (Garzanti); Iran (Manoosh Publications: BOBO UND SUSU only)

The camel drover from Heidelberg

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