The Calf That Stopped the Gotthard Coach
Peter von Matt

The Calf That Stopped the Gotthard Coach

Details about the book
Reflections on Swiss Literature and Politics
  • date of publication: 06.02.2012
  • 368 Pages
  • Hanser Verlag
  • hardcover
  • ISBN 978-3-446-23880-0
  • Deutschland: 24,90 €
  • Österreich: 25,60 €

Peter von Matt, one of the leading lights of Swiss Germanism, presents us with a critical yet ultimately affectionate take on Switzerland – a country situated at the very heart of Europe which has nevertheless always followed its own idiosyncratic path.
Peter von Matt loves his homeland for its contrasts – its time-honoured alpine traditions and the high-tech futurism o f its modern tunnels. Switzerland should count itself fortunate that it is also home to such a clever and astute critic – and proud that it isn’t afraid to heed his words.
Switzerland is by no means alone in finding itself caught between rural idyll and globalisation, so non-Swiss readers will be able to recognize their own home-grown sins and failings as the author gives his compatriots a piece of his mind concerning their slipshod use of language or their bull-headed, insular policy towards immigrants.
Rich in imagery and acute observational wisdom, von Matt casts a fresh light on a variety of themes with hard-hitting irony and barbed humour. As always, his observations are under-pinned by German literature throughout, from Friedrich Schiller via Robert Walser to Max Frisch and many other authors – all the way to the modern literary aspirants. This book is proof that a closer scrutiny of a country’s literature and language can give us a more comprehensive understanding of its socio-political attitudes.

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France (Editions Zoé), Russia (Rudomino), Serbia (Rudomino)


The Calf That Stopped the Gotthard Coach

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