Stories of Little Charlie

Stories of Little Charlie

Rotraut Susanne Berner

Sometimes Little Charlie likes the food his Mommy serves and sometimes not. Why can't he have carrots? Sometimes he plays nicely with his cousin Katie and sometimes he has to quarrel. Sometimes he puts on his hat like a good little rabbit and sometimes he makes a fuss. And once he even demands it should be Christmas in the middle of summer – because he doesn't like to wait for his presents. That's what Charlie's like. And that's why children love him.

The first Little Charlie Story Book – ideal for bedtime reading because no story is longer than a minute.

"Karlchen is a wonderful achievement..." (Eselsohr)

Foreign Sales

Spain (Spanish:Anaya, Basque Alberdania), China (Yuanliu Classic Culture), Korea (BOOKSCENT), Russia (Melik Pashaev), Croatia (Planet Zoe); Hungary (Pagony)

Stories of Little Charlie



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