Sports are Wonderful

Sports are Wonderful

Ole Könnecke

Exercise is important. Playing is fun. Sport is amazing! Ole Könnecke presents the most wonderful types of sport – oftentimes laconically, sometimes instructively, yet always wittingly.

There are so many kinds of sport and every single one of them has its perks: Soccer is great, except when the own team constantly misses the goal and loses. Tennis is appealing because you can move so much between net and baseline if your opponent plays you right. In contrast, ballet rather focuses on posture and expression than speed
and competition, which makes people always wonder if it’s really a sport. Golfers have to hit their ball in 18 holes – or at least get to know ponds and sand banks while trying. Skiing is very popular but it doesn’t always get you where you want. Sometimes you have to slide down the hill on your pants. This is an original and funny picture book that will make you want go out there and be active.

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Sports are Wonderful


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