Details about the book
  • date of publication: 04.03.2006
  • 288 Pages
  • Hanser Verlag
  • hardcover
  • ISBN 978-3-446-20672-4
  • Deutschland: UVP 21,50 €
  • Österreich: UVP 22,10 €

What is considered a sin in our modern age? The times when the seven deadly sins defined ethical borders are far behind us. Yet exploring modern society's relationship to gluttony, lust, avarice, sloth, anger, pride and envy may lead to astonishing discoveries. Some of the things that would once have been discussed only in the confessional are now regarded as signs of a fulfilled existence: a passion for gourmet food, an adventurous sex life, bargaining on eBay. More so: our self-image as a free society is heavily based on the concept of moral decisions being private decisions – each man or woman the architect of his or her fortune. The concept raises the hackles of fundamentalists everywhere. Gerhard Schulze, one of the most original and important diagnosticians of our society, analyses our cultural and political status quo from a surprising point of view. His book is sure to trigger controversial debate.



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