Florian Werner

»If someone jostles me on the street I apologize, and almost all my tops have hoods«. These are the first words of this confession – a confession that doesn’t come easy to the self-effacing author. But it is also liberating, because Florian Werner’s research reveals that the low-key world of the bashful is surprisingly well-populated. Werner explores the definition of shyness, how it feels and how you can come to terms with it. He tells us about his own position as second-born twin, about how he coped with school, how he met his wife, and why he can’t help but remain compulsively polite even towards supercilious waiters. He also explains what turns children into shrinking violets, how the thriving market of promoting self-confidence at the expense of shyness works, and why shyness can actually be a strength. A clever, witty, utterly unique and truly astonishing account – and one that is by no means always diffident in tone.



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