Self-portrait with  a Swarm of Bees
Jan Wagner

Self-portrait with a Swarm of Bees

Details about the book
Selected Poems 2001-2015
  • date of publication: 01.02.2016
  • 256 Pages
  • Hanser Berlin
  • hardcover
  • ISBN 978-3-446-25075-8
  • Deutschland: 19,90 €
  • Österreich: 20,50 €

Anthology as self-portrait: Jan Wagner offers us the best of fifteen years of poeticcreativity, presenting himself as a virtuoso poet and master raconteur, a visionary player and a global explorer who has retai-ned his childlike curiosity about the world.

Even his debut volume, the ambitiously titled Probebohrung im Himmel (A Trial Drill in the Sky) contained everything that would come to define Jan Wagner`s poetry: elegance and wit, virtuosity and playfulness, curiosity and devotion, precision and detached sensuality. Fifteen years and six volumes later, his work has gained in scope and intensity. There are few poets who can boast as many prizes or as many readers. Which is wonderful but no miracle: page for page, this anthology - hand-picked by the author himself - shows just how much a really good poem can convey - and why we should all read more poetry.

Foreign Sales

China (Jiangsu Phoenix), Greece (Kichli), Italy (Bompiani), Norway (Solum), Serbia (Agora), Sweden (Rámus), UK/ USA (Milkweed), Afrikaans (Naledi)


Self-portrait with a Swarm of Bees


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