Red Light

Red Light

Nora Bossong

Where lust and money meet – Nora Bossong explores the business of love.

It all started with the red plushness of an old-fashioned sex shop in Bremen. As a child, Nora Bossong only dared to glance at it from the corner of her eye. But as a young woman, she now dares to delve deep into that secret pleasure zone where lust is hard work and desire collides head-on with capitalism: Nora Bossong explores the red-light district.
There, she meets innocent students at dildo presentations and jaded producers of porn flicks. She visits rundown sex cinemas and the pasta-salad buffet at a swinger’s club. She interviews women on the game and administrators of drive-in “sex boxes”. What is her own role in this well-managed orgy? With sparkling powers of observation and essayistic elegance, Nora Bossong writes about a society that tries more and more to wash vice until it is squeaky clean. And she asks why old-fashioned, plush red-light district and its modern equivalents only cater to the needs of men and never to women.

Red Light


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Nora Bossong: "Rotlicht. Wo sich Geld und Lust begegnen" | Zur Veranstaltungs-Website

Abei Brauweiler,
Ehrenfriedstraße 19,
50259 Pulheim

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