Portrait of an Invisible Man

Portrait of an Invisible Man

Hans Pleschinski

A Munich gallerist is found dead in his flat by his lover. Their relationship had lasted 23 years – years of turbulent love and mutual artistic inspiration, years of luxury and poverty, years of mourning for dying friends and acquaintances and of fearing one's own death.

Apartments old and new in Paris, Munich and Vienna, open-air and opera stages, pubs and bars are the locations of this novel. Each line breathes the power of authenticity, each chapter is a building stone in the story of a great love. Pleschinski introduces the reader to the reality of a generation that had begun to break bourgeois taboos and whose self-confidence was dealt a murderous blow with the onslaught of AIDS. With its elegant style, speed of narration and breath-taking suspense, the novel captivates the reader until, finally, the spell of the greatest menace is broken.

Foreign Sales

Turkey (Inkilap Kitabevi), Russia (AdMarginem)

Portrait of an Invisible Man

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