Pike Summer

Pike Summer

Jutta Richter

Sometimes you can see him for a moment, a flash of silver, the pike. He floats at the bottom of the lake as if waiting for something. But you can't catch him, says Lukas, and it's forbidden, too. Daniel wants to try anyway, and Luka stands by his brother. Together, they buy a landing net and a sinker, and practice with bread and bait fish.

Anna would like to participate, too, but she finds fishing disgusting. Cruelty to animals. As if the summer wasn't miserable enough, with Daniel's mother being ill, the landlord constantly bickering and the village children that she doesn't get along with, no matter what. Anna is afraid and angry. Then Daniel's mother gives her a book about angling – as if she knew about the pike. That Daniel only wants to catch it to make her healthy again. So they will try all together, Daniel, Anna and Lukas. Because friends have to stick together, even against fate. Even against the worst thing that can happen.

Foreign Sales

Italy (Salani), Spain (Loguez Ediciones), France(La Joie de Lire), Netherlands (Lannoo), Korea (Sun&Tree), Lithuania (Alma Littera), USA (Milkweed), Japan (Shufunotomo), Brazil (Editora Iluminuras), Russia (KompasGid); Iran (Ofoq)

Pike Summer


Tilman Schneider Aalen

Die Brüder Lukas und Daniel unternehmen mit ihrer besten Freundin Anna alles gemeinsam. Sie sind Schlosskinder und sind glücklich. Dieser Sommer wird alles verändern. Die Mutter der Jungs hat Brustkrebs, aber am Anfang will sie nicht darüber reden. Ein wunderbar einfühlsames Buch. Jutta Richter beschreibt schnörkellos und ohne falschen Gefühle den Schicksalsweg dreier Jugendliche, die sich selbst finden. Eines der besten Jugendbücher zum Thema Tod!

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