Florian Freistetter

When belligerence meets genius - the misdemeanours of the greatest genius in the history of knowledge

Isaac Newton, egomaniac, and genius - a biography like never before.

In the 17th century it was high time for a genius to appear and cut through the swathes of ignorance. That genius was Isaac Newton. And he was an asshole. Science buster Florian Freistetter takes a new look at the life of the most important scientist in living history. He demonstrates how conniving and sneaky Newton really was and that his hatred of Robert Hooke and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz knew no bounds.
At the same time, he proves that Newton would have never revolutionized physics if he hadn’t been such a douchebag.

What happens when belligerence meets genius - and the result is an almighty asshole - is the topic of Freistetter’s book entertaining and enlightening book. An unsparing character study of an egomaniac, the likes of whom the science world will probably never spawn again.

Foreign Sales

Korea (Wisdomhouse), US/UK (Prometheus)


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