Must Animals Brush Their Teeth!

Must Animals Brush Their Teeth!

Henning Wiesner, Walli Müller, Günter Mattei

An entertaining question-and-answer book for animal lovers of all ages.

The raven is, we could have guessed, a great robber who will leave no other bird's nest untouched. But there are other, more tricky questions: Do snakes have tails? (Yes!) Do elks kiss? (Yes, again!) And what's the number of spines on a hedgehog's back? (About 17,000.)

Henning Wiesner, director of the Munich zoo, answers more than 50 such questions, scientifically accurate but also easy to understand for children and non-scientists. Not all questions are serious ("Do raccoons need washboards"), but even they provide useful information. (No washboards, but raccoons do wash their food).

Foreign Sales

Spain (EDAF); Netherlands (De Eenhorn), Estonia (Koolibri), Korea (Tomato House), Romania ( Niculescu), Taiwan (New Sprouts), Italy ( Fabbri),; Vietnam (Phu Nu); Brazil (Sesi-SP Editora), Russia (Forum); Latvia (Janis Roze); China (Beijing Yongzhenkaiyuan)

Must Animals Brush Their Teeth!

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