Mediterranean Alliance

Mediterranean Alliance

Wolf Lepenies

It looked to be a cut and dried plan: President Sarkozy wanted to win over his southern neighbours to form a Mediterranean union as a counterweight against German dominance in Europe. Angela Merkel lost no time in nipping this scheme in the bud – but is it content to remain a footnote of history?

Wolf Lepenies sees the French dream of a Mediterranean power stronghold as harking back to the subliminal regions of European history, where the inferiority complexes and mutual resentments still fester to this day. Franco-German rivalry has its origins in the contrasts between Catholicism and Protestantism, between the more meticulous, »stricter« North and the less regimented and more pleasure-loving South – concepts and stereo-types that date back to the 18th century and are progressively resurfacing in political debate today. Wolf Lepenies sheds light on this startling and little-known slice of Euro-pean history, providing essential reading for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of how coalitions and fronts within Europe come about.

Mediterranean Alliance


"Die Macht am Mittelmeer. Französische Träume von einem anderen Europa". Mit Prof. Dr. Etienne Francois

Katholische Akademie in Berlin e.V.,
Hannoversche Str. 5,
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