Me: In-Between

Me: In-Between

Julya Rabinowich

15-year old Madina shares her fate with many refugee children: All of them are building bridges between their families and their new lives in the western world.

Where is Madina from? That doesn’t matter. She’s from everywhere and nowhere. And now she’s finally arrived in a country that promises safety. To her, it feels a lot like future here. But it is not as easy to gain a foothold for everyone in her family. Her father withdraws, and her mother falls silent. So it’s upon Madina to take action and to mediate between her family in the refugee hostel and the unfamiliar life on the outside. Torn between her parents, who won’t let go, and her desire to be a normal and accepted teenager, Madina has to take charge of her family’s fate. In this endeavor she meets Laura with whom she feels at home in this foreign land.

Me: In-Between


Leselounge: Julya Rabinowich im Gespräch


Julya Rabinowich: "Spaltkopf" und "Dazwischen: Ich"

Universität Wien, Großer Festsaal, 1. Stock,
Universitätsring 1,
1010 Wien

Julya Rabinowich liest aus "Dazwischen: Ich"

Schulbibliothek am BG/BRG Villach St. Martin,
St. Martiner Str. 7,
9500 Villach

Julya Rabinowich: "Dazwischen: Ich"

Bad Iburg
Café Kroneck-Salis,
Schloßstraße 17,
49186 Bad Iburg

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