Magic Cloak
Collected Poems

Magic Cloak Collected Poems

Christoph Meckel

Christoph Meckel is beyond doubt one of the leading post-war poets, yet remains a literary maverick and outsider. »I know of no other contemporary German poet who has captured the lieder tradition so profoundly«, writes Lutz Seiler, winner of this year’s German Book Prize. On June 12th 2015 Meckel will be celebrating his eightieth birthday, and his collected poems are being published in a comprehensive volume to mark the occasion. One of
Meckel’s idiosyncrasies is that he often chooses to publish his works in slim volumes, usually as bibliophile prints which are now much sought after as rarities. Gesammelte Gedichte encapsulates Meckel’s entire oeuvre in a comprehensive volume for the first time, showcasing poems virtually unknown even to connoisseurs and bringing them to a wider audience.

Magic Cloak Collected Poems

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