Lotto Wants to Be Someone

Lotto Wants to Be Someone

Annika Reich

Imagining to work in different professions is so much fun. Lotto thinks that it’s like dress-up without costumes. You can be everything, even a keeper for hippos, a fortune teller, or a gummy bear designer. Something new everyday – that would be perfect.

When Lotto scores three goals, made up of two trees that a very far apart, her father immediately thinks she could become a soccer player. And when she unscrews her alarm clock, her mom wonders if Lotto wants to be an engineer. Grown-ups are so unimaginative! Lotto doesn’t want to have one job, she wants to have 1000, that’s for sure. On Monday she’ll be a rocket-boss to make bananas and water finally accessible to aliens. On Tuesday she’ll be a circus director, who pours confetti, eats cotton candy, and tries sawing tricks. And on Wednesday she’ll be a sultana – not in a cake but of an entire country. And if all this doesn’t work out, she’ll become a job-inventress, because she rocks at it!

Lotto Wants to Be Someone

Bilder zur Buchlesung

Die Kinder der Schule am Auwald Leipzig waren so begeistert von Annika Reichs Buchlesung, dass sie selbst einige Bilder zu “Lotto will was werden” gezeichnet haben.

Die schönen Bilder der Schüler können Sie hier ansehen >

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