Leon Bares His Teeth

Leon Bares His Teeth

Silke Wolfrum

One scoop of courage, please—for me and for Dad

Leon means lion. Nonetheless, 9-year-old Leon isn’t able to bare his teeth. He’s just too shy and prefers to stay in the background—until a coincidence gives him a nudge in the right direction…

Actually, Leon would like to play soccer with the others during recess; just as he always wanted to jump from a 3-meter springboard. But he simply is not courageous enough. When Quentin even snatches his presentation topic, it dawns upon Leon: Something has to change! One of Granny’s women’s magazines gives him the perfect advice: “Change your character with targeted exercise!” And since Leon’s Dad is at least just as shy, the two of them put together a list of dares. Completing them, however, proves not to be that easy. Yet, father and son come to realize that it’s always worth a try. This is a humorous and encouraging book for everyone wanting to be more confident.

Leon Bares His Teeth


Silke Wolfrum, "Leon zeigt Zähne"

Buchhandlung Lehmkuhl,
Leopoldstraße 45,
80802 München

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