Karl Marx

Karl Marx

Wolfgang Korn

On occasion of his 200th birthday Marx is being rediscovered – as an analyst and globalization critic, who asks the right questions. Wolfgang Korn explains what is so recent about Marx in a gripping and well-informed way.

Who is Karl Marx – the man with the bushy beard and a lion’s mane? Was he the seducer of the working class, who dreamt of a communist dictatorship? Or was he a fathomer of the modern world, whose unbound economic system defines how we live today. The real Marx didn’t seem like a model for monuments or a role model: He was quite small, sickly, and extremely dogmatic. As a revolutionary he failed miserably in 1848. Yet, his theories are still impactful as they are admired or condemned, and elevated or distorted by politicians, unionists, and historians alike. This book demonstrates what Marx – the first analyst of the global market and globalization critic – can tell us about freedom, morality, religion, and society.

Karl Marx


Wolfgang Korn, "Karl Marx - Ein radikaler Denker"

Literaturhaus Berlin,
Fasanenstraße 23,
10719 Berlin

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