I Have High Expectations of You

I Have High Expectations of You

Elias Canetti

A young author shyly turns to Thomas Mann, the Nobel prize laureate for Literature, with his first novel, and is kindly fobbed off. Half a century later, the author himself travels to Stockholm to accept the prize. Elias Canetti occasionally referred to himself as a “bad letter writer”. Despite this, the treasure of his letters has given rise to a unique novel.

Elias Canetti’s astonishing life is depicted as a portrait of the times from a personal perspective: he was deeply connected to the cultural world of post-war Europe, yet as independent as possible from all kinds of movements and leanings. For the first time in nearly 600 letters to companions and friends, critics and readers – as well as colleagues such as Theodor W. Adorno, Jean Améry, Thomas Bernhard, Erich Fried, Ernst Gombrich, Michael Krüger, Claudio Magris, Marcel Reich-Ranicki, Hilde Spiel and many others – I Have High Expectations of You follows Canetti’s life, as he reported it to others.

I Have High Expectations of You


Elias Cenetti: "Ich erwarte viel von Ihnen". Die Herausgeber Sven Hanuschek und Kristian Wachinger präsentieren die Briefe von Elias Canetti. | Zur Veranstaltungs-Website

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