Daniel Schreiber

In the past, where you came from was called home – but is this still true today?

Where is home? For many people, it is no longer the place where they were born and grew up. So where do we belong? A book about longing and perhaps the most important search of our lives.
Our relationship to what we call home has become complicated. Fewer and fewer people in the world today have a meaningful connection to the place where they were born. People move or are displaced. Modern times are marked like never before by an underlying feeling of insecurity – and so we yearn all the more for a place where we feel our personal history has a home.

In this personal essay, Daniel Schreiber describes the reversal of a collective feeling: home is no longer a place that is taken for granted, but a place that we set off to find. Schreiber draws on philosophy, sociology and psychoanalysis while at the same time telling us his own story – of his ancestors who spent their lives trying to escape. Of his gay childhood in a Mecklenburg village. And of his search for a home in London, New York and Berlin.

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Daniel Schreiber: "Zuhause" | Zur Veranstaltungs-Website

Literaturhaus "Uwe Johnson",
Im Thurow 14,
23948 Klütz

Daniel Schreiber: "Zuhause" Neukölln Open - Festival für Demokratie Diskussionsrunde: "Wo bin ich zuhause? Für eine etwas andere Heimatdebatte" | Zur Veranstaltungs-Website

Schloss-und Gutshof Britz,
Alt-Britz 81,
12359 Berlin

Daniel Schreiber: "Zuhause" | Zur Veranstaltungs-Website

Buchladen Eulenspiegel,
Hagenbruchstr. 7,
33602 Bielefeld

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