High Noon in the Swiss Midlands
Milena Moser

High Noon im Mittelland

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The pick of the columns
  • date of publication: 25.07.2011
  • 176 Pages
  • Nagel & Kimche
  • hardcover
  • ISBN 978-3-312-00480-5
  • Deutschland: 16,90 €
  • Österreich: 17,40 €

"You can keep your Brad Pitts and Orlando Blooms - just leave me fat old Depardieu" Milena Moser's columns are cult material. We can't help recognising ourselves in her barbed, ironic and self-deprecating observations of the pitfalls of ordinary life. At long last, the very best of these refreshing snapshots and confessions have been collected in a book.

On a quiet village road, two bullies are threatening a third, a mere slingshot away. Unrepeatable insults are hurled back and forth and they're about to pull their guns when from the distance the soundtrack from Once Upon a Time in the West drifts across. Suddenly, a woman's voice calls out, "It's lunchtime", and the three little boys take to their heels and rush off home. The title story is typical of Milena Moser's sharp-witted observations of the world around her, homing in on dreams and desires that are dashed by the mundane business of getting on with life.
Whether she's writing about misdirected emails, red dresses, her cat's wisdom or what it's like to be a sofa, the author scrutinises herself and others with tenderness and curiosity. Her mastery of the column format shines through on every page of this thoroughly entertaining gift book - a perfect introduction for new readers and a welcome addition for enduring Moser fans.

High Noon in the Swiss Midlands

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