Hidden Years

Hidden Years

Anna Goldenberg

“Why did this man save me? This question pursued my grandfather his whole life long.” An author retraces history.

In the autumn of 1942, Anna Goldenberg’s great-grandparents and their younger son were deported to Theresienstadt. Hansi, their elder son, survived in hiding: in the apartment of the paediatrician Josef Feldner, right in the middle of Vienna. And many knew he was there…

Vienna, Leopoldstadt, September 1942: Hansi’s parents and younger brother are taken to a detention camp. From there, they are to be relocated to Theresienstadt. It can’t be worse there than in Vienna, they think. At the same time, 17-year-old Hansi leaves the house. In the hallway, he removes the yellow star from his sleeve, then boards the tram and goes to see Josef Feldner, an unmarried doctor. Hansi’s family never sees him again. Until the end of the war, Josef hides and feeds the young man in his apartment. Even later on, after Hansi gets married and until Josef’s death, they stay in touch, breakfasting every day and spending holidays together.

Anna Goldenberg, Hans and Helga Feldner-Bustin’s granddaughter, reconstructs this unique story in the form of a magnificent reportage, painting the portrait of a hero who never meant to be one.

A new generation keeps the memories alive.

Hidden Years


Anna Goldenberg: „Versteckte Jahre“

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