Helium and Fool's Gold

Helium and Fool's Gold

Florian Werner

There are 92 elements on Earth. Helium and Fool's Gold features a text for each of the Earth’s elements.
It deals with the properties and/or the discovery of the elements, playing on their special strengths and capacities or adapting their conduct to a literary context.
Florian Werner puts them under the microscope, studies them from all angles and fashions them into an extraordinary alchemy. Some stories react to others, others form surprising amalgams; some seem to dissolve
into thin air while most remain stable. But all the texts have one thing in common: they describe the qualities of the elements and tell of life’s elementary experiences: birth, death, toothache, bad language and hydrogen bombs, domineering fathers and earth mothers, flying priests and carnivorous plants, depressive cats and mice dancing on tables.
The result is a new, literary periodic table ranging from Au (Gold) to Zn (Zinc) in the form of ingenious, curious and sometimes highly explosive stories.

Helium and Fool's Gold




91Pa (Sekundenabrechnung Radio Edit)


Gespielt von Palm Pilot
Florian Werner: Stimme, Bratsche
Sagardía: Piano, Keyboards, Gesang, Elektronik
mit Wolfgang Zamastil: Gitarre, Bass, Schlagzeug, Keyboards
Florian Scheffler: Trompete, Bass
Cathrin Romeis: Die Stimme der Verlobten

Geschrieben von Florian Werner (Text) und Sagardía (Musik)
Produziert von Palm Pilot und Wolfgang Zamastil
Gemastert von Wolfgang Zamastil und Uwe Sabirowsky

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