Helium and Fool's Gold

Helium and Fool's Gold

Florian Werner

There are 92 elements on Earth. Helium and Fool's Gold features a text for each of the Earth’s elements.
It deals with the properties and/or the discovery of the elements, playing on their special strengths and capacities or adapting their conduct to a literary context.
Florian Werner puts them under the microscope, studies them from all angles and fashions them into an extraordinary alchemy. Some stories react to others, others form surprising amalgams; some seem to dissolve
into thin air while most remain stable. But all the texts have one thing in common: they describe the qualities of the elements and tell of life’s elementary experiences: birth, death, toothache, bad language and hydrogen bombs, domineering fathers and earth mothers, flying priests and carnivorous plants, depressive cats and mice dancing on tables.
The result is a new, literary periodic table ranging from Au (Gold) to Zn (Zinc) in the form of ingenious, curious and sometimes highly explosive stories.

Helium and Fool's Gold



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