He was never in Africa

He was never in Africa

Marjaleena Lembcke

When 13-year-old Juhani sees a Harley Davidson in the neighbouring settlement, hope rises again. Perhaps his father Lasse, the itinerant tango singer and general hot-air artist who left four years ago for Africa, has come back? But no, another disappointment. When the owner tells him he bought the rare machine in the small town of Vaasa, Juhani decides to go there. He meets one of Lasse's friends who accompanied the singer for a while on his tour of Finland. Lasse has never been to Africa, and Juhani, disillusioned, must revise his image of his father. Fortunately, there's also Milja with her deep-blue eyes and flaxen hair who spends the rest of the summer with him at his grandfather's place near the lake. And then, Juhani's memory of Lasse already fading, his father suddenly turns up at the doorstep.

"Lembcke tells her story in feather-light language and a warm, gentle flow. Sadness is an ingredient of happiness, too – with a sigh, we register Marjaleena Lembcke's message and start believing that life is good after all." (Neue Zürcher Zeitung)

Foreign Sales

Spain (Loguez), Korea (Sigongsa)

He was never in Africa

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