Grumpy Bear Sees Everything

Grumpy Bear Sees Everything

Annette Pehnt, Jutta Bauer

Every preschooler likes counting, coloring, solving riddles, and finding mistakes. With this book Jutta Bauer invites her youngest readers to take a really close look at her wonderful characters.

Many moody bears in a row. At first glance they all look the same. But there’s only one Grumpy Bear! If you take a very good look, you can find the differences. Continue by finding 10 hidden mistakes at your picnic. Show us how far you can count and tell us how many herons and hares there are on the next page! Next, please help the animals to find their way out of the confusing labyrinth. Seeking and finding, solving riddles and coloring animals is especially fun with Grumpy Bear, the happy Tingeli, and all the other inhabitants of Timbuktu, known from Annette Pehnt’s Bärbeiß-books.

Foreign Sales

Turkey (Kirmizi Kedi)

Grumpy Bear Sees Everything

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