Grumpy Bear: Awfully Cheerful
Annette Pehnt Jutta Bauer

Grumpy Bear: Awfully Cheerful

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  • date of publication: 25.09.2017
  • from age 5
  • 88 Pages
  • Hanser Verlag
  • hardcover
  • ISBN 978-3-446-25698-9
  • Deutschland: 12,00 €
  • Österreich: 12,40 €

Grumpy Bear is in the most awful mood you could ever imagine. But then he falls in love – and, magically, can’t help but smile.

Grumpy Bear can’t get out of bed, that’s how grouchy he is. Everybody else in Timbuktu is in high spirits and leaping for joy. Silly creatures, thinks Grumpy Bear while sullenly watching them. But then something very peculiar happens: A wondrous cloud passes and he suddenly notices a tingling sensation in his stomach. This cloud looks like a Grumpy Bearess smiling at him, doesn’t it! Anyway, it is the most beautiful thing Grumpy Bear has ever seen. The inhabitants of Timbuktu are perplexed and don’t recognize Grumpy Bear anymore because he’s so friendly. The Tingeli, the king penguin, the Herons, and the hares agree: We want our old grouchy Grumpy Bear back!

Grumpy Bear: Awfully Cheerful


Jutta Bauer und Annette Pehnt, "Der Bärbeiß - Schrecklich gut gelaunt" im Rahmen des Lirum Larum Lesefests | Zur Veranstaltungs-Website

Freibrug im Breisgau
Theater Freiburg, Großes Haus,
Bertoldstraße 46,
79098 Freibrug im Breisgau

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