Frerk the Dwarf

Frerk the Dwarf

Finn-Ole Heinrich, Rán Flygenring

Frerk is small, not very strong, and dresses just like his father. But he’s got a head full of crazy ideas and colourful expressions. Frerk wants a dog, preferably a really, really big one—one you can ride on, with paws as big as a lion’s. But what does he find instead? An egg! An egg that makes funny noises and happens to be just the right size for Frerk to slip into his trouser pocket. But when he accidentally hatches the egg, things really start getting scrambled …

Foreign Sales

Turkey (Ithaki); China (Beijing Dipper Publishing); Taiwan (Global Kids); Korea (Sigongsa)

Frerk the Dwarf


Finn-Ole Heinrich liest aus "Frerk, du Zwerg!" und "Die erstaunlichen Abenteuer der Maulina Schmitt"

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