Forever Yours

Forever Yours

Daniel Glattauer

Judith, in her mid-thirties and single, meets Hannes when he steps on her foot in a crowded supermarket. Before long he turns up in the exclusive little lighting boutique that Judith runs with the help of her assistant Bianca.
Hannes is an architect – single and in the prime of life. Not only is he every mother-inlaw’s dream, but Judith’s friends are also bowled over by him. At first Judith revels in being put on a pedestal by this determined man who seems to have eyes only for her. But as time goes by, she finds his constant displays of affection increasingly wearying and his intensive attention becomes oppressive and overwhelming. In the end she feels cornered, controlled and stifled. All her attempts to get him out of her life fail. He seems to follow her all the way into her dreams, and when she wakes up he’s already waiting on her doorstep to pamper her some more...

Foreign Sales

Armenian (Zangak), Bulgaria (Obsidian Press), CZ (Host), English worldrights (MacLehose Press/Quercus), Estonia (Varrak), Finland (Atena), France (Grasset), Hungary (Park Kiado), Italy (Feltrinelli), Israel (Keter), Korea (Balgunsesang), Latvia (Zvaigzne ABC), Lithuania (Tyto Alba), Macedonia (Matica), Netherlands (Wereldbibliotheek), Norway (Font), Poland (Sonia Draga), Russia (Eksmo), Slovakia (Tatran), Slovenia (Cankarjeva), Spanish Worldrights (Alfaguara), Vietnam (V-Point/Phu nu)

Forever Yours


Daniel Glattauer: Ewig Dein (Interview mit Oliver Preusche, Teil 1)

Daniel Glattauer: Ewig Dein (Interview mit Oliver Preusche, Teil 2)


Regina Rinaku

Ich würde Bianca, die Lehrtochter zur besten Nebenfigur des gesamten Glattauer-Werks vorschlagen. Einfach köstlich!


die zweite hälfte hält nicht ganz, was die erste hälfte verspricht. meiner meinung nach wird die ganze konstruktion zu verworren. aber ein buch wie gut gegen nordwind ist eben schwer zu topen, und die erwartungshaltung ist zugegebenermaßen sehr hoch gewesen!

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