Do You Remember When

Do You Remember When

Zoran Drvenkar, Jutta Bauer

To be a child is the greatest adventure there is

Do You Remember When is an extraordinary tribute to what it means to be a child. This book captures the unique moments in which you consciously see, smell, feel, do, or experience something for the very first time. It’s a book for children and adults.

As a child you experience everything for the first time and you look at the world and all it has to offer in a pure way: the rainbow emerges directly from the meadow and the dewy grass looks like an ocean of flashlights. The mole, you see peeking out of its hill, is rewarded with real diamonds which sit at the tip of every blade of grass. There are raindrops tasting like peppermint, lemonade, or even cold stone. In this imagined world everything is colorful, everything is bright, and everything is possible. To be a child truly is the greatest adventure! This magic is beautifully expressed by Zoran Drvenkar and wonderfully visualized by Jutta Bauer.

Do You Remember When

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