Jürg Acklin

How ironic that Paul Dujardin should find himself trapped in a lift on a Friday night with his psychotherapist, the comely Julia Beer. No stranger to the tricks and quirks of the shrink's trade, Paul had his own practice for many years. But that was before things went downhill and he had to take to the couch himself...

At first the odd couple tries hard to put an end to their involuntary encounter. When they realise that there is no escape, and when hysteria and fear have culminated in a folie érotique, Paul begins to tell his therapist what he should have told her a long time ago: how he made such a mess of his life. How, after the death of his father, and a case of manslaughter in his practice, he gradually lost control of his work and his analytical capacities. A surprise awaits him at the end of his confession, however - for it turns out that the impeccable Julia has played a role in his downfall...

"Jürg Acklin writes in a language as flexible as a camera which forms a fascinating contrast to the painful focussing of the characters." (Neue Zürcher Zeitung)

Foreign Sales

Romania (Editura Romania Press)


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